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RE: VMs: Re: 67v: Single sticks, double-split, double-joined...

Hi everyone,

At 07:54 01/05/2005 -0400, John Grove wrote:
Whether they mark paragraphs or not isn't the point I think Erni is making
Gabriel. The point being those two characters are the closest to the big
wierdo seen on f1r that we've seen preceding a paragraph of text. If they
are used to mark paragraph beginnings and nothing else - then do they serve
the same purpose in the VMS?

Surely the key issue is whether the Codex Mendoza is the only (non-VMs) document in which this symbol appears? On CM page 1v, both instances of it seem to have been written in a very assured and matter-of-fact way - that is, neither experimental nor mannered.

Have any experts on documents similar (or related) to the CM been asked if this symbol recurs elsewhere? This would seem to be the obvious first step in tracking it down.

To my modern eyes, the symbol looks a bit like looking at the outline of a opened, cover-down book through its spine, as though it's an iconographic reference to a book or volume - but I'm acutely aware that this is a modern projection onto what is actually an abstract shape. Regardless, what do the two paragraphs actually say?

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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