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VMs: f112r-f112v

Forgive my terminology - I'm rally not very familiar with the study of

I notice that the upper outer margin of the f112r-f112v leaf is a bit odd.
There is a sort of indentation here - a place where the page edge is
noticeably less square than usual.  I assume this is a typical feature of
this sort of vellum notebook?  Since the text accomodates the hole, I
assume it was part of the original paage.

If this is a typical feature, is it typical for the margin of the text to
indent correspondingly, too?  This occurs on the verso, though not only
does the margin wander inward - or actually, outward, as the page reaches
its usual width - but the first two paragraphs are distinctly
block-indented over the following ones.  On the recto, there is also a
fairly distinct indentation, but more irregular, that extends over the
first five paragraphs.  It looks a bit like a gap for an illustration that
is missing.

John E. Koontz
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