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Re: VMs: Three questions

Hi everyone,

At 23:41 15/05/2005 +0100, Jeff Haley wrote:
Question three:
EVA qo is said to have been used in either Tranchedino or
Tironian notae. Was there a standard meaning for this

Not in those sources AFAIK. However, I believe that in the 14th century, "4o" (ie "qo") was often used as a legal abbreviation for (or rather, contraction of) "q[uaesti]o", in places where we would now use "?". For a limited discussion on this, see:-
Essentially, the theory goes that the modern question mark contains "qo" rearranged so that the loop of the "q" is its upper loop and the circle of the "o" is its dot.

Even so, I don't recall seeing "qo"-style question marks (ie literally q-above-o) in incunabula (please correct me if I'm wrong!), so suspect that this use of "qo" would already have been archaic by 1460. The qo's in the Tranchedino cipher ledger don't seem obviously connected to this tradition at all.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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