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Re: VMs: f11v - dd vs. gg

It is on f103r/top left corner. It also seems somehow the last "letter"
has a vague resemblance with R. Strange ....

> At 08:46 25/05/2005 -0500, Florin wrote:
> >Not so many. As you know in one of them there is a F(*) in a flower.
> f4r, my old favourite. :-)
> >There is also a F**** word on the right-top page on another one. If you look
> >carefully this was erased at one point and overwriten later on but not
> >exactly in the same position. I don't have the  notes near by but someone
> >else may have been spotted this already. It can only been seen in the
> >SIDS.
> I don't recall seeing an erased-and-overwritten F**** word - can you please 
> give us some hints as to where you found it (herbal, etc)?
> Though there are a good few places (mainly on the outermost bifolios of 
> quires, IIRC) where it seems some kind of touching up has been performed, 
> I'm always very interested to see more! :-)

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