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VMs: Re:What's Missing or Different?

Quoting Koontz John E <John.Koontz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> But, again, what I was asking this time was what hasn't the author done
> that we might expect an author to do at any of the times and places where
> we hypothesize the text to have been prepared?big bad fish?

The big bad fish, this is pretty different from the Biblical one... despite the
mamsel with a cross.
This fish is trying to swallow up a lady ... so, the lady could go missing quite
soon ... a lot of action for medieval stuff IMO and this is a little bit
different, too.

So, from which cultural context comes this big bad different fish?
Does it mean anything?
I have found just one piece yet somewhere there:
(was it in an medieval Buddhist & Burmese medical manuscript? Anyway, type
"manuscript" into the search box at this place and keep going... a lot of very
interesting stuff there ... but there are problems, either they have blacklisted
me or they are offline right now ... so, if you find something of interest, then
you should copy it immediately)

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