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Hello Jean.

Another pair of books which tackle the theme of hidden codes in the works
of Shakespeare are "The Great Cryptogram" by Ignatius Donnelly (about the
hidden codes of Francis Bacon in Shakespeare's plays) and "The
Cryptography of Shakespeare" by Walter Arensburg (similar to the first,
much on the anagrams and acrostics Francis Bacon supposedly used to hide
text in the Bard's plays).
Before the screeches of 'OFF TOPIC' get too loud, I should point out that
William F. Friedman, of VMs fame, is the author of yet another book: "The
Shakespearean Ciphers Examined". It appears that this topic is the lure
that pulled him into cryptography to begin with.
Chapter 7 of the book: "The Second Cryptographic Shakespeare" details some
of his involvment. The other chapters cover other researchers along this
line of thought as well as early cryptography in general. The book is
available online at:


> Hi
> Just read A cypher idyll, anent The little westerne flower, deciphered
> from A midsommer night's dreame, by Joseph Martin Feely 295 Maplewood
> Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.,1942 (82 pages).
> For a Voynicher, it's a rather dispappointing book, with IMHO no hint
> to VMS. I am not here to comment on the decipherment technique, which
> is well beyond my skills (:-)), as I see it it could only be
> interesting for Baconians and Shakespearians...
> The best part is at the very beginning: " A midsommer-night's dreame
> presents a play within a play; and a book within a book; both to the
> tune of fantastic musicke. In the outer text a king quarrels with his
> queene over her boy. In the inner text a sleeping queen, and a girdle
> of flowers, form the theme of the Spring Song, to which Autumne gossips
> bear the burthen of a queene enceinte, and of a child held out to be a
> changeling". Very nice indeed!
> Otherwise Feely briefly quotes some of his prior Shakespearian
> decipherments: Shakespeare's Maze (here undated), Decyphering
> Shakespeare (1934), The Cypher in the Sonnets (1940).
> Jean
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