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AW: Re: VMs: MS408 Character Development

Hi Tom
Studying the ms408 cd some questions rose. I did not recognize the difference between the sign for ?rising from the base level? and the sign ?rising from the first level?. Following their explanation overview of the different levels on page 37, the basic level must be also the first level. 
I must confess that the described ?head of a snake with eyes and tongue? non page 43 is hardly to recognize as part of the first capital character. But in row 9, first capital sign its obvious that that?s the sign of a snake.

>Don Latham wrote:
>Postings like this have no quality.
>Marcio wrote:
>>A little critical thinking on my part is enough to consider
>>these observations to be speculation, not evidence.
>What are your criteria for evidence? You will never find a symbol table sign 
>by the author of the manuscript or an evidence video of the writing of the 
>VMS. For me the evidence is the sum of all hints. If a theory covers the whole 
>book and every folio then it is evidence for me. As a result of the MS408 
>character development I'm able to READ nearly all pages of the VMS.
>>I can see that most VMS characters are built by combining a
>>few basic strokes. 
>Isn't that nice?
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