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Re: VMs: Scans download

Hello, Stefan,

Gabriel Landini wrote:

On Friday 01 July 2005 14:47, Stefan Urbanek wrote:

Is there a place where I can download all VMS color scans at once? It would
be great if I can get them with filenames representing their VMS folio

If you are using linux or unix, a script was posted to this list using wget some time ago. I have another script to convert the sids to jpegs and rename them to the standard folio number.

Visit this site:


it has various resources for downloading and using the sids.

This text file


contains the direct links to the sid files. You can then use a download manager to retrieve the files automatically. Unfortunately the text file isn't up to date but it is a help. Also notice the scripts that Gabriel mentions. If you use Linux, here is another site with software for the sids.


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