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Re: VMs: VMS Lookalike encipherment

Hello Jeff,

> http://www.georgeboolefanclub.com/VMSVerboseCipher.html

it looks appealing. A very simple method to encrypt an plaintext to a
VMS-like looking ciphertext.

I wrote a little Python script to apply your method - as far as I
understand it - to some amount of text. From my german plaintext

Dieser Text wird zum 
Testen verwendet. Ein
Test dient nur dazu, 
zu ueberpruefen, ob
ein Ablauf den 
Planungen und 

my program creates the encrypted text 

<test.txt.1> oek.oke.okoraiin.okoiin.aiinaiirain.ekar.shaiin.rair.odoiin
<test.txt.2> aiinoiin.oteaiin.okoyom.otarainaiir.okoy.shoky.okksh
<test.txt.3> yoiin.oteaiin.shek.otshal.shair.aral.oaiin.dal.eaiir
<test.txt.4> alal.sainaiir.okoin.aiokor.dyorain.otckh.otshey.sair
<test.txt.5> okksh.aaios.aain.cfhy.ootsh
<test.txt.6> dyy.eoaiil.dshaiir.shair.cthoiin.otoyaiir.shaiin.shin
<test.txt.7> otorainain.daralaiir.shoin.cthaiir.oksh
<test.txt.8> okshaiin.rom.dyar.kair.yty

This looks of course a little bit strange compared to the VMS, for two
reasons: My program is a "hack" and not very intelligent in chosing from
the alternatives (it uses a random number generator) and your patterns
seems to be optimized for the letter distribution and grouping in Latin
texts and do not create typical VMS "words" for a german text.

If someone wants to play a little with my script, it can be downloaded
from the following URL:


The "dead letters" (I would name them "zeros") and the encryption of the
input text can be disabled by command line options. 

Have fun!


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