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Re: VMs: VMs History

Hello Dana,

--- DANA SCOTT <dscott520@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> In 1961 on this date in VMs history, H.P. Kraus
> purchased the VMs from Ann 
> M. Nill.  At the time Ann was employed by Kraus.

With the weather as it is right now in Germany,
this seems like a good reason for a drink :-)

Seriously, I understand that you are off to the 
East coast for a trip to look at the VMs and
collateral material?

If you need suggestions for things to look at,
first of all, please don't underestimate the time
needed to look at the boxes A-N (?) with
stuff that once belonged to Voynich. There are
probably more than a thousand letters, but many
of them have already been microfilmed and a 
copy of the film can be ordered at a reasonable

I'll be curious to learn of your findings.

Cheers, Rene

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