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VMs: A suggestion for Dana's Yale visit.

Hello Dana.

In light of your asking for special requests for things to examine on your
upcoming visit to the Beinecke library, I would ask you to examine the 9
Rosette foldout if possible. All of the images I've ever seen of it share
the same flaws -- several parts of it are obscured by the curling over or
under of the material. Specifically, the upper left and right corners of
the foldout and the left side of the lower right section. The two upper
corners are folded over, covering parts of the text while the folded over
crease of the lower section obscures part of the outer text ring of the
rosette along with two of the free-floating labels associated with it and
the center-pointing structure depending from it (the center-pointing
structures of the NE and SW rosettes are also partly obscured).
If you had the time and opportunity to get images of what's obscured on
these sections (photo or drawing) it would be of benefit to everyone
working on the VMs to have a complete picture of this unique image.


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