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Re: VMs: fake letters

It was *my* horse, Nick.

>hopefully this explanation should make it clear why I believe it to be so.

I was convinced the first time around. The possibility remains that, aside from abbreviated endings, some letters were intentionally omitted because they were not essential to reading the script.

> Really, I'm using the word "language" in a loose sense here

I know what you meant. I was inexcusably nitpicking. I stand by the "if". . . . "if there is an underlying language". I think so but I cannot prove it isn't birdsong.

>the micro-structure of the order of the underlying text seems >consistent with a yet-to-be determined rule-based grammar of sorts, >whether further enciphered or not. Essentially, there seems to be >structure beneath the (fake alphabet) surface...

I understand "underlying text" as referring to a grammatical text from which the script was derived. If that is right I am not sure I understand the statement. If the overall thought here is that the VMS hints at being so derived, I cannot disagree with what I have read in support of that. Anything you can add would be helpful.

Eye of the beholder section:
You have a very good familiarity with the manuscript. If it is not too vague a question, do you (make that plural) have some feeling of the relationship of the quires to each other? I am not prepared to say why but this is my sense of it. The letters to the left represent ordinary texts in English that are "different" from one another on a scale of a-z. Very roughly. And assuming most texts would be in the range of F-R. From <V> in that group to Quires 15, 17, & 19 is a good stretch. Quire 13 is the most "different". Quires 5 & 6 are as much "like" the preceding quires as they are to other "B-dialect" quires. All variable depending on what aspect is considered. Overall, though, it has the "feel" of influence by writer and subject matter. What do you think? Anyone?


I am using John Grove's folio arrangement.




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