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Re: VMs: Cyrilic

> --- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ---
> > ...
> > At the first glance, from what little Russian I speak, it doesn't seem
> to be
> > convincing. IIRC, Cyrillic features some 30+ letters which appears to be
> > more than the usually accepted VM repertoire. (Unless you count some
> > combinations like "iin" as one letter.)
> > 
> Hm, you are right. And yes, I was thinking about those ii, u, n, m letter
> combinations to be a single character. Perhaps for the writer and reader
> of
> that time it was obvious what formed one character...

Actually, one of the core problems in solving the VM seems to be what is a
"character" in itself and what is not.

I have also tried to understand the VM script as not a letter- but a
stroke-based transcription. (Ie the latin letter "b" would be decomposed
into "l-o", while "d" would be "o-l", etc., and then the "o"s and "l"s would
be enciphered in the VM glyphs.) I didn't have any success, though, and
couldn't come up with anything intelligible.

> ...
> Hm, is there any table showing occurence of each character at the
> beginning of a
> word, at the end, in the middle? Like: Character | Beginning count |
> Middle
> count | End count.

You might want to check out Jorge Stolfi's


is a pretty technical, but very detailed desription of the "grammar".

> ...
> Hm, I do not know finnish, but if you do, 

Unfortunately I don't, which kind of curtails my options here. ;-)

> you can try what I was thinking
> about.
> If you look at zodiac pages, I think that labels under signs are names of
> the
> signs. Perhaps you can try to compare those labels to names of the signs
> in
> finnish whether there will be some matches or not...

Actually this is something I could try.

What I have already done is a word length distribution comparision of VM v/s
Finnish. It turned out though that the most common finnish words (at least
in contemporary Finnish -- I have no idea how close this is to 15th century
Finnish) are composed of a single sound or two, so much shorter than the
most common VM words. This has led me to abandon the Finland theory for the



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