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VMs: Re: Re: Cressa Cretica

Hi Dana
Well this identification came from a lead I am following. I may have found
a precedent for the herbal section. I am waiting for a book I ordered which
may give me some more leads. I should get this tomorrow. I hope to have
something definite soon and if this is before your August trip I will pass on
anything I have found. It may be that you will be taken more seriously if
you can show some indications of the inspiration of the VMS.
BTW I can see why O'Neill made the identification of Common Centaury.
However the leaf structure doesn't seem the same. There are fewer of them
on the stem. Also the tight leaf cluster at the top of one stem on f4r resembles
Cressa Cretica much more accurately.
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From: Dana Scott
Sent: 17 July 2005 01:06
Subject: VMs: Re: Cressa Cretica

Interesting find.
Cressa Cretica:
O'Neill identified the plant in f4r as Centaurium Erythaea.
Dana Scott
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Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 3:09 PM
Subject: VMs: Cressa Cretica


I think I have identified the plant on f4r as Cressa Cretica
and I also think I may know where the origin of this as a
medicinal plant came from. Here is a link to an illustration
of the plant for comparison.


I haven't found a photo of it yet. Can anyone oblige?


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