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VMs: Baresch


The strange thing about the name Baresch is that it is Jewish,
whereas the Czech name Bares as has been previously noted
is pronounced like Baresch but written differently. For information
on the Jewish population in Eastern Europe during the period see

This indicates the crafts and guilds that were built up in those
I know that there were Jewish students at Padua University in the 16th, but
would this have been the same for the Sapienza?

If we are not in fact looking for a Baresch but a Bares then this is
the wrong path. Any opinions?

The one thing going for the Baresch name is the fact that Jan Baresch
worked with pewter and could be said to have been a craftsman.

BTW Joachim Gans was at Roanoke as was Thomas Harriot, who devised
his own cipher script. This was used by both Harriot and Nathaniel


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