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Re: VMs: Marci 1640 letter to Kircher

See IMPERIO Maria d', The Voynich manuscript, an elegant enigma,
Aegean Park Press, n°27, 1980.

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> >Does anyone have an English translation of the first two paragraphs
> >of this Marci letter. In the pursuit of Baresh these have not been done
> >and I think that the identity of Gans may well be more important than
> >has at first been thought.
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> >Jeff
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> Hello Jeff
> You mean this one?
> It's on one of my web-sites at
> http://www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/Marci_Kircher_1640.doc
> Anthony
> ===================================================
> Johannes Marci to Athanasius Kircher,  September the 12th 1640.
> Dear Reverend Father and Master in Christ and most critical friend,
> I have written to your reverend community of priests at Ratisbon
> informing them that the matters which had been entrusted to me had been
> dealt with as desired at the Court of His Imperial Majesty. I sincerely
> trust that my letters to which I referred have been received by the
> illustrious Counts of Martinitz. And since six weeks have quickly passed
> I eagerly await a reply. The Reverend Father Gans wrote to me [but] I do
> not know what lawsuits the Reverend Father Vestra is involved in. [?].
> Since in general terms the situation is said by him to be excessively
> trying, he has made me greatly disturbed. And because it may throw some
> light on some aspects of all this I have copied out a part of the
> letter. The Illustrious Count Bernard anxiously asked me about why he
> had had no response to his letters. I myself, since I have many times
> benefited by what he has done for me and since I know the Reverend
> Father Vestra to be very learned, and that he has done far more at the
> Court of His Imperial Majesty than was expected--something which will
> happen in the matter we are concerned with--I would hope to rejoice in a
> measure of goodwill and a declaration of mutual affection. [Illegible
> word here. Was it "quo"? I have guessed at his meaning here(!). W.B.].
> The same applies to what my friend Master Georg Barschius would have
> wanted to have through me as the scribe [?] and he will understand the
> notes [?] I have added here. He is certainly an excellent man and very
> experienced in chemistry [and] he does not yet understand how to arrive
> at the desired conclusion which His Imperial Majesty earnestly seeks--
> not for gold but in the interests of medical science--. He was asking me
> specially intently about that heliotrope, [wanting to know] whether I
> knew about it or at least whether I had seen the complete method of its
> manufacture. I said I knew the answer to neither. I told the Abbot (to
> his surprise) that I had not dared [to tell him this] [?] when we first
> became friends and he considered enquiring into it a matter of the
> utmost secrecy. If it is not too much trouble for him and he does not
> hurry over what concerns its outward appearance [?] I would at least
> like to find out whether the substance is natural or artificial, mineral
> or vegetable and whether it is found in our own country. Whatever may be
> said I will offer my services under the same seal which I shall have had
> to use. I am especially looking for particulars of that dark liquid [or:
> substance?] and of the linctus [?] in its varied forms [?]. One or the
> other was promised me in Rome. If anything particularly useful is known
> [I hope] it will not be troublesome to add it. One more item: I need to
> know if it means [?] that the Arabic-Coptic Dictionary with Arabic
> lettering should be published [or: prepared for publication]. According
> to what the next Month of the Bear [?] foretells [?] those type-moulds
> for Eastern languages are satisfactory. So if in all this there is
> anything worth publishing we do not lack the necessary tools. May I add
> this?--I beg the Reverend Father Vram to keep well and in excellent
> spirits and to visit us as soon as he can. Please offer my greetings to
> the Reverend Father Ferrarium he will have recognised from my seal that
> it is I, his servant Joannes Marci.
>         Prague September 12 in the year 1640.
>         Johannes Marci, the faithful servant of the Reverend Father
> Vestrae.
> [Rendered into English from the transcription given by René Zandbergen
> at http://www.voynich.nu/letters.html#mm40 by Rev William Barber.
> Gloucester, January 2003.]
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