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Re: VMs: OFF-TOPIC: Codex Serafinianus

2/08/2005 11:37:49 PM, "Borek Lupomesky" <borek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   I know this is way off-topic, but does anyone know for how much the Codex 
Serafinianus was sold new? I noticed there are some available in second-hand 
section of Amazon.com for $385. The seller claims they are in original shrink-

I bought mine new, in France, about 5 years ago. It cost me FF1500, which
must have been around A$450.

Wait... www.abebooks.com  has one for $338.40, from a bookshop in Geneva


Wait again!

www.amazon.fr has another, new, for 217.24 euros (that must be around $260).
It is the edition I have got. Grab it quick before it goes!

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