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Re: VMs: VMs knowledge management

Hello Stefan,
Yes, your suggestions are well taken; however, the complexities of setting up and administering such a voluminous website of encyclopedic proportions seems to be a rather daunting task, especially since the majority of the VMs discussion and research appears to be performed on our "free time".  In addition, now that investigation of the VMs crosses many borders, how would the information be made accessible to all?
Dana Scott
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Citát Alessio <io@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Stefan Urbanek wrote:
> > The best compromise out there is a Wiki-technology based knowledge
> management.
> > It's advantages are:
> > - immediate availability
> > - ease of use
> I agree about these 2 advatanges, anyway I think that a wiki-based
> system would offer just a little more than this mailing-list, or a
> bulletin board or a forum can offer. Of course, it's better a little
> more than nothing!

Not just a little more. Wiki has another advantages over a list or a bboard:
- you can crossreference nodes (great advantage)
- you can refine knowledge (edit pages)
- you have history of edits
- you can upload and comment images and files

that is, that it is a place not only for storing and collecting but also for
collaboratively evolving and refining! And THAT is important.

> Though I was instead thinking about a more complex project which should
> involve researchers in the semantic web and ontologies field to organize
> the knowledge management of the VM.

Yes, it would be great to have such project, however as I have mentioned: not
yet. It is not generaly clear what is the nature of knowledge needed for
solving the VMs, neither everyone knows the structure of the knowledge. First
we learn the nature and the knowledge in a generic knowledge management place,
then we can start thinking about more complex project... Thing is, that you can
start to do analysis of the complex project, but it will not fit the reality
once it is deployed after certain amount of development... trust me ;o)

I am not against more complex solution, I only think that it has it's time. By
the way, there are just a very few complex solutions (to any problem), if any
at all, that worked and sustained without having any previous simple


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then
you win.
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