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Re: VMs: Hello again, again

Larry Roux wrote on 09 August 2005

> Welcome back GC!  I think many of us have taken this hot, humid summer
> off to do more productive things (ie golf).
> I have recently taken the steps to looking at the Voy again myself.
> I am now convinced that the gallows characters that are crossed by other
> characters (usually ch) are put that way for only decorative purposes
> (or, perhaps, to further obfuscate the text).  ie - what we know as cphy
> [EVA, of course] would more properly be  p-chy (the p not being an
> alphabetic character, but more on that in another post sometime soon -
> if I remain motivated, or it rains on all the days I can get out to the
> links...)

You have spare time? I must be sad then I spend too much time on studying
this kid colouring book we call the VMS. :-)

Tired out - in the UK.

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