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VMs: Bertrand Russell Believed Newbold

I have long enjoyed Bertrand Russell's *Wisdom of the West*, a very readable popular history of Western philosophy.

Russell, Bertrand; *Wisdom of the West: a historical survey of Western Philosophy in its social and political setting*; (London, Rathbone Books, Ltd., Crescent Books, Inc., 1959.) Editor Paul Foulkes.


The book has illustrations, often abstract, in all the margins. I was just looking at the section on Roger Bacon, saw the caption for the illustration there (p. 160), "From an early ms. of Roger Bacon, an account of eclipses and comets," and I noticed that the illustrations were in fact...

f67v2 ("eclipses") and f68v3 ("comets") from the VMs!

Good grief!

I suppose, though, that the editor of this volume could have been responsible for the selection.

I suppose Jim Reeds should put this in his VMs biblio. :-)

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