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Re: VMs: Updates and summaries

Hi GC,

At 00:28 21/08/2005 -0600, GC wrote:
You have a lead on another Voynich manuscript, eh? :-) I predict that there will never be a discovery of even a jot of Voynichese on another document, and this is because there were no copies made - this is the original, the one, the only. Just my opinion, of course.

Well... the top outside corner of folio 112 still looks like a copy of a torn original to me, so once again things are ~perhaps~ not so cut and dry as they might be. Opinions differ, but let's hope our evidence is the same. :-)

For the record, I'm actually hunting for the original Voynichese beneath a layer of emendations: for example, when I look at the asymmetric split gallows on the top line of f100r as it appears now, I'm far from convinced that this was what was originally written. Perhaps of more direct interest to you would be those places on the same page where characters have two "tails" - one long and faint, but one short and stubby (apparently over the top of the faint one, and wider on both sides of the faint line). Basically, is this odd penmanship or a botched restoration?

All in all, I've got a horrible suspicion that we may be transcribing the wrong layer - so we're not trying to break a cipher, but someone's (probably Baresch's?) idea of what the cipher might have been, giving rise to all kinds of cryptographic noise. FWIW, this is all tentative work in progress, more on it all as it emerges. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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