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Re: VMs: An end to Updates and Summaries

GC wrote:

I try to put myself in the position of the author,
not just in this case, but in other cases, and
I consistently come up with answers that are better left to the realm of
psychology. Was the Voynich written to hide major secrets, or was secrecy used
in the face of some overbearing authority? I think it was used because, as the
penalties grew for something the author was doing wrong, he chose to continue
even in the face of the penalties, and tried to hide it out of fear of detection.
The secrecy catalogues the compulsive behavior, and the institution of secrecy
is driven by fear of being discovered. Hardly the stuff of great historical
writing, but I trust that an interpreter will come along that completely
ignores the evidence and turns this man into an historical hero, like
so many before him. It just wouldn't be a good story if the man weren't
larger than life, eh?

My current thinking, FWIW, is that the VMs is outsider art:


and that Voynichese is the author's private language, perhaps consciously constructed, perhaps not. Rob Churchill expressed a similar opinion in Kennedy and Churchill. This is the motivation for the secrecy.

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