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RE: VMs: An end to Updates and Summaries

On Sat, 27 Aug 2005, DANA SCOTT wrote:
> What I did find were numberous binder's black dot markings along the
> bound edges, but I do not know at the moment what their purpose was
> since they were not stitched through and they do not seem to line up
> with anything other that the gutter fold.

Perhaps relevant, again from Bischoff, p. 23:  "Other methods of marking
the sequence of quires are to use the letters of a name, or a number of
points, or even more exotic systems.  ... After sporadic earlier
occurrences, folation appears relatively often from the twelfth century
on, and from the thirteenth onward we also encounter pagination or even a
continupous counting of columns in both liturgical and other manuscripts."
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