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Re: VMs: New computer algorithm for language learning

Yes, machine translation is quite difficult because one of the most important properties of language, the context, is missing in writing.
The same thing with non-speakable communication. These are though so automatically that they do affect on meaning.

Elmar Vogt wrote:
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Betreff: VMs: New computer algorithm for language learning
Datum: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 11:40:00 +0200 (CEST)

I wonder how this would work with the VMS - it's interesting, anyway. Unfortunately, its also patented ...

It sounds interesting, though I wouldn't put too much expectation into it,
since the algorithm appears to be completely oblivious of the *meaning* of
words -- ie while it could detect that "first-class" and "economy" are
somehow related to "airplane flights", I don't see from the article how it
is supposed to detect the actual meaning. (Not to mention the semantics of
particles like "not"...)

But why not give it a shot? I suggest getting in touch with the developers
and suggesting they tackle the VM. They've got nothing to lose, and getting
a headline like "Our code cracked the world's most mysterious manuscript"
would certainly boost sales...

(I don't think their software alone would reveal all the mysteries of the
VM, but it might certainly help in detecting the underlying language



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