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Re: VMs: Re: "Voynich Manuscript: The Unsolved Riddle..."

From: "pklist01" 

>At the American Bookshop in The Hague (The Netherlands) I saw two copies of
>the book:

> The Voynich Manuscript (Hardcover)
>by Gerry Kennedy, Rob Churchill
>At 37 euro (!) it's pretty expensive. I took a few minutes to scan the book
>and - at a glance - it looks relatively solid.
>There are a lot gray scale illustrations that seem well chosen.
>It describes the history of the manuscript and I saw many of the well know
>theories (I saw the word "Bogomil").
>I'm tempted to buy it, but I think I'll pay my subscription to the Fortean
>Times first. That's also pretty expensive :-)
>Has anyone read it yet?

I have.  It's pretty good. The authors interviewed many of us.   It points out some ideas that I think are worth pursuing.  


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