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Re: VMs: RE: VMS Lookalike encipherment

Quoting Knox Mix <knoxmix@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Némethi Kálmán: Rohonczi Kódex tantétel
> http://terembura.fw.hu/hunkonyv/roh/page_01.htm

the author has a collection of buildings

Could we say, the second group (from left) in the lower row has 2
nestorian-styled crosses on it's walls? (I am not too sure, but such a
broad-leafed one is my understanding of a typical nestorian cross in Central
Asia, but such a style is probably used elsewhere, too ... so, going later today
to google for "nestorian" and more). Many other crosses in this Rohonczi Codex
look similar.

When looking the right side of the same "collection of shelters", 2 groups could
be compiled of nomad's tents, one group of these has a pretty solemn look.

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