QI Monolith in Utah and Romania

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Re: QI Monolith in Utah and Romania

Post by proto57 »

Well I suppose research is the silver lining to the lockdowns, in a way. Forced to spend more time at the computer.

Things are not as strict here in the USA, but then we are paying for it. Huge numbers of deaths each day. We've become surprisingly numb to it... back when the numbers were half this, we are horrified.

I still don't think there is a pattern to the placement of the monoliths, but I suppose it is possible. But be careful as it is easy to find patterns in almost any set of points, too. I've seen it for so many things, although there is a lot of this with the Voynich, which can be dissected in every which way, and almost any pattern can be found on almost any page.

I remember years ago... the first hand held GPS I ever saw, in fact, was held by a guy in the woods, when I was on a hike. I asked him if it was a "Magellan", because I recognized it from a picture I saw on TV. It had the fat antenna and all that... this must have been 25 years ago.

Anyway, he was plotting the location of a "root cellar", the underground stone structures used as iceboxes before refrigeration. They are all over our area in lower New York State. Anyway, there were theories then... maybe still are... that erroneously attribute these cellars to some early, advanced society, for religious ritual purposes, and that their placement formed a pattern "on the map". So this guy and his friends were plotting the locations with GPS. He told me that they were finding all sorts of patterns... like stars, and other geometric shapes.

But I don't believe that it the case at all, none of it. But I'm sure that they did find patterns... because it is always possible to do, as I said, above. Humans have a powerful innate tool to find patterns out of randomness.

So could there be patterns to the monoliths? I think that is possible, since they are part of some sort of art or demonstrative purpose. But the problem would be knowing if they were intentional, or not, like the root cellars.

Anyway, not to be a downer... and good luck...

"Man is the measure of all things: What is, that it is; what is not, that it is not"- Protagoras

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Re: QI Monolith in Utah and Romania

Post by Bunny »

Hi Rich, waiting for the dribs and drabs of the art installations to run through, not so many now. Once they stop will have all the data. I know about the whole seeing patterns thing and the installtions themselves are categorised from accepted, to undecided to fakes. I will include them all working on the premis that the data is out there, correct or fake not relevant, just where they are.

Minimum 3 point line connections, and unlike cellars by their nature they are not a standard feature. The purpose is to compare any pattern they may have to Rob's European star diagram. May not be of interest to anyone other than me but will share anyway.

Yes things are harsher here, our government is spending money on this like there is no tomorrow. Around the world he living are treated as though they have already died, and the futures of the young and many businesses and our general belief in freedom wiped out. It has certainly shown that the average human has no chance to survive any extreme catastrophy. If aliens did land, say, people will just say "how high" when told to jump, what choice would there be? The human race has chosen a future of slavery, from whom doesn't matter. But that is just my opinion and my interpretation of the VM, not asking anyone else to share that. It has beeen my conclusion for a long time that the VM has predictive astronomy - and is not seperate to outside events and data. Just because it's old doesnt mean it cannot cover a wide era, the bible for example goes from the begining to the end of time, Nostradamus still way into the future, and there is no reason the VM cannot also. I have to agree with S.E. and his VM message, "the time is now".

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