Hypothesis about page 84v

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Re: Hypothesis about page 84v

Post by ProxyS »

We applied our alphabet to passages on different “plant section” pages and hadn’t any big problems to decode the text. Meanwhile we are convinced, that the alphabet doesn’t change between sections (with an exemption of a couple of complex glyphs used only at the beginning of the script as described in our last document “Inception”). What we could find so far in this section are religious dicta, verses and quotations (see the example below). On the one side we see here a typical characteristic of the VMS text, a play with words beginning with the same letter (m as for this passage). On the other we see the allegorical nature of the image, which gets accessible after decipherment.
Some Voynich researchers had that correct intuition about the allegorical nature of the images already for long time and we can demonstrate it now more substantial and concrete. As an example, we analyse the plant image on the page 65r. Our alphabet gives following text aside from the plant image:
plant_65r.jpg (39.89 KiB) Viewed 292 times
mamcak {mam-sawk'}
mixed drink, mixed wine, drink-offering, (specifically) wine mixed with water or spices

memer {meh'-mer}

mah {maw}
what, whatever, whatsoever, what? how?, why?, wherefore?

nabab {naw-bab'}
to hollow out, to pierce, to be hollow, vain

Mixed wine’s bitterness, how piercing!
How piercing (is) the bitterness (of) the drink-offering (the mixed wine)?

Self-evident is an allusion to the sour wine with myrrh and later vinegar given to pierced Jesus on the cross (Marcus 15:23 and 15:36). The metaphorical answer to the question how bitter such a wine is, is illustrated in the image. The plant is a compilation of bitter tasting plants like bitter orange (depicted as blossom and fruit at the same spot), wormwood plant:
plant_65r_ab.jpg (98.01 KiB) Viewed 292 times
and lampascioni onion (lampascioni are small wild onions of pink colour with an unmistakable bitter taste):
plant_65r_c.jpg (34 KiB) Viewed 292 times
Probably additional different bitter roots, which a better botanist than a poor one like me would recognise, are also depicted. It doesn’t matter that the pictures are not like photographs. Can be the illustrator didn’t want to be more accurate.
The answer to the hypothetical question “how bitter is the mockery of the victim” is thus delivered in the image: bitter from the roots into the leaves = thoroughly. This image is an allegory of bitterness then. We will give other text and plant examples in one of the next documents. We see, that, similar to the cosmological section, we can deduce the intention of the illustrations as soon as we know the meaning of the text. Text and image complement each other and build a well-thought-out unity.

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Re: Hypothesis about page 84v

Post by ProxyS »

Now I have found time to write down a bit about the true vine of the page 11v from the plant section. I have published a document (enspace.net) so here is a summary. The passage contains a religious teaching or homily. The Voynich code is very compact, so I was surprised, how long the text really is. In the translation I tried to stay as close as possible to the underlying Aramaic text. Naturally, the syntax and sentence structure are that of Aramaic and not English so I had to change occasionally the word order in the translated sentence, though the aim wasn’t to provide the best possible English translation but to crystallize the meaning of the text, to make sense of it. Here is what it says (only the mapping to Aramaic letters and the translation):
11v_small.jpg (76.42 KiB) Viewed 154 times
where (to find) the pure vine to listen to prayers,
don’t bring in/let not to be brought in a thinned-out liquor
long for a prayer, respect the arriving words
don’t bear this fruit
(let) shoot the breast top parts (shoots) by itself

the strength/power of a generation hitherto lifted up, where (was) the strength of law
sorrows weakened, the power of the word/promise (made) those (generations) restful
YHWH never breaks up (with them), which are keen to pray

don’t fear YHWHs paths set to subdue/beat down with prayer anger/wrath/ire speech
the power to be restful, the power of law YHWH brings to adorn/decorate

and a fresh love, that comes to the servants, whom the prayer (is) not a threshing floor,
whom one burden/calamity to another make ready to interweave (with God),
(whom) one another idle talk together with a lament/mourning (is) not nearly a prayer

soundness of desire goes together with the service
fear (your) sad/ill/evil adversary the idle talk, that of dark cloud request,
to bear the iniquity of dark cloud request
I’m which (will) break off/accomplish/fulfil

a wrong/malignant/evil winebibber, a god-like one/false god can’t soften (the pain)
where (is) a weak heart/will

if bad (hurtful) then, however/truly, a ‘bath’ (22/40 litres) alone (would be) enough indeed

And here is what I see in the plant image:
The plant on this page illustrates an attempted deception of wine-delivery where only a thin liquor can be extracted, if any. Its stipes are too slim to carry the fruit or rather the cone, its roots are partially cut and the top is crowned with a bizarre blue blossom. This plant may pretend to be as valuable as wine and its top, depicted in the shape and colour of the ’blue trumpet vine’, may even fool the viewer with this name confusion, nobody will ever be able to produce a true wine out from it. A thin liquor, mentioned in the first line of the text, is all you can expect from this preposterous plant with capped connection to the earth and the forefathers. It wasn’t even able to develop a solid stipe. For what it stands and what it symbolises, a teaching, ideology, theory, idolatry, nothing rests on firm foundations.
cones.jpg (95.74 KiB) Viewed 154 times
Some cones, like pine cones, factual are used to produce fermented syrup or liqueur drinks.
And this:
This passage, like others in the VMS, manifests the tendency to employ similar words or words with the same beginning phonemes. In our opinion, this method should help to memorize the content, so that it could be spoken from the memory.

If you like, you can download the document on our site, open a good wine and read the details.

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