Another one Middle Ages history hypothesis

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Re: Another one Middle Ages history hypothesis

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Thanks for your comment, Rich! First look at alchemical Sun symbol gives me some understanding of my dream about solar system with 4 planet orbits. This symbol sits in center of f57v... Theme about gold is the same - I have read David Suter's impressions about real manuscript and JVS library item with possible gold pressed into manuscript is new interesting thing for me...
I stopped a bit in publication because of trying to formulate main postulations of my hypothesis. It is pretty hard job for me - "theory of all" means many foundations from several older researchers ( Nick Pelling, Steve Ekwall, Timm Torsten and more ). I don't want to repeat things what are told by others. So please be patient for some time - there will be about three posts yet with some decoding ideas. As I mentioned in last post the solution of VMS looks for me like solution of differential equation - it may be function not value... And for now I have not solution - only intuitive prepositions. I hope these may help for moving on the real solution but please take them with grain of salt. And solver may be not me - Steve Ekwal mentioned his ES said for him "You are one of twelve" :) So...
As for link ... 0.899/5.00
I think there is not watch but part of coding mechanism, part of mnemonic automata. But about this in next post...
"I knew nothing, and I persisted in the faith that the time of cruel miracles
was not past." (c) S.Lem, "Solaris"

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