Written in spanish evidence

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Written in spanish evidence

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Here's some evidence that this the Voynich MS is originally written in Spanish.

This assumes that the voynichese letter y is actually the letter a when decoded.

The biggest clue is that if you search for all words that end with the voynichese letter y , you get 15263 words ending with the voynichese letter y.

This is a large percentage -- just about half the words in the entire book end with the letter y which really hints that this is indeed spanish, a language where half the words end with the letter a.

I don't see any other language that fits this kind of language structure besides maybe Italian.

https://www.voynichese.com/#/lay:word-p ... exa:-y/715

As more evidence, we have many 3-letter palindromes used throughout the book, something that barely exists in any language besides spanish.

All other languages, English, Turkish, French, German, Chinese, latin all do not have a large number of palindromic words that are 3 lettters exactly.


Spanish on the other hand, has quite a few including words relating to plants such as "awa" which is how agua was written in the old texts as well as many commonly used words. Here are a few:

Ala - Wing.
Ana - A female given name.
Ara - Altar.
Ama - Loves (third person singular of "amar").
Aña - A type of bat.
Awa - (Spelling variant of "agua" used in poetry or old texts).
Aya - Nanny, nursemaid.
Eje - Axis.
Ene - January.
Ere - You were (archaic or poetic form).
Ese - That.
Ojo - Eye.
Oro - Gold.
Oso - Bear.
Ovo - Egg-shaped.
Uru - A type of tree.

What is most amazing is that there is one instance aare instances of these words sos, sos, oko, oto, oko, oko, ydy, yty, yky, shs

all on the calendars appearing once and sometimes with other words including appearing once on the zodiac calendar

ydy and yty both appear an enormous number of times for it to be english or german (24 times each) most likely these are 'alla' (there) and 'awa' for water or maybe a contraction.

In fact, it makes sense that letters like k ( gallows) are really just the ll letter.

You heard it here first folks.
Mike Nickaloff

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