Frogguy Transcription Alphabet

Jacques Guy developed (in 1991-1994) an alphabet for transcribing the Voynich Manuscript that he calls ``Frogguy.'' This alphabet is an elaboration and refinement of the one he used in his paper ``Statistical Properties of Two Folios of the Voynich Manuscript,'' Cryptologia, 1991; where it is described as being partially based on the alphabet used by Bennett in his textbook Scientific and Engineering Problem Solving with the Computer. Jacques learned about Currier's transcription alphabet only after he wrote his 1991 paper; many of the refinements made to Frogguy since then were intended to repair the defects in Currier's alphabet.

Starting in April 1996 Jacques began describing his Frogguy alphabet in a series of essays and illustrations:

Last modified: 7 May 1996