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Re: Prague visit

Stolfi wrote:
> I am going to a conference in Plzen (Czech Republic) next week, and I
> plan to be in Prague for a couple of days after the conference. I
> would love to do some Voynich fact-hunting while I'm there.

I visited Prague two years ago as my chamber singing group was on
tour there.  I toured Prague Castle, which was interesting but
quite barren of Voynichiana.  The castle was cleaned out, and anything
Voynich-related probably ended up in other countries, or starting fires
for peasants if it was worth pulling out of the muddy ditches and drying
out.  Beautiful city, though, and the contrasts between fairyland and
Communist architecture are striking.  We stayed in a former military
barracks cum Holiday Inn called "The Crematorium" by the locals.
	Jim Gillogly
	Highday, 11 Solmath S.R. 2000, 00:52, 1 Chuen 19 Muan, Seventh Lord of Night