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Kircher correspondence

Dear all,

the web site displaying the letters received by Athanasius Kircher has
finally opened. The URL is as before:
Alas, it does not contain transcriptions of the letters, only scans
of the originals, converted to JPG. Image sizes are typically between
150k and 350k. There are over 2000 of them (excluding the blank ones). 
Access to the images is via a database which allows searching using
a variety of criteria.

To get in, you must first request a user ID. This will take up to
a day (it is processed manually).

A first scan hasn't resulted in anything new. It is pretty much
excluded that there are transcriptions of the Voynich MS among the
material. But there are *lots* of letters sent by Prague correspondents
of Kircher, so it is not impossible that some new detail of interest
can be discovered there.

Needless to say, the interest of this site for other-than-Voynichological
matters is major.

Cheers, Rene