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Re: Prague

Daniel M Harms wrote:

> > Michal Pober indicated that Kelly had some inordinate capabilities, 
> > such as spontaneously generating strings of text which could be
> > read backwards. I'm really interested in finding the source for
> > the above (presumably the Czech historian Svitak).
>      Was this perhaps a reference to the Enochian workings of John
> Dee, in which the keys were given backwards and then written 
> forwards?  Or was it something else?

Well, this was one of the things we learned, which struck my 
imagination. Any hints about what may have been meant by it
would be very much appreciated. For example, it was not clear
whether the text was readable in both directions or only 
backwards. The implication was in any case that it was done
spontaneously, but of course the suspicion may exist that 
Kelly prepared it all in advance (whatever _it_ was).

If one of {Dee, Kelly} fabricated the VMs, my bet would be that 
it was Kelly rather than Dee. Since we have seen that the MS
text has some fascinating features, which make it look like
real meaningful text in a real meaningful language, it would take
a person with unusual capabilities to generate it as a fake, 
hence my interest.

Cheers, Rene