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Re: Prague

Rene wrote:
> If one of {Dee, Kelly} fabricated the VMs, my bet would be that
> it was Kelly rather than Dee. Since we have seen that the MS
> text has some fascinating features, which make it look like
> real meaningful text in a real meaningful language, it would take
> a person with unusual capabilities to generate it as a fake,
> hence my interest.

Kelly was always my choice also... at least before the recent
dating exercises seem to have pushed the likely construction back
a bit.  Unless he was actually speaking with angels, which doesn't
correlate well with my own belief structures, he had a remarkable
memory and an unusual ability at playing the long con, as well as
some ideas about invented languages.
	Jim Gillogly
	27 Solmath S.R. 2000, 22:36, 4 Manik 15 Pax, Fifth Lord of Night