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Re: Schmidl on Jacobus

It's late, and I am really exposing my ignorance of Latin
to the world here, but here are my guesses at some of Stolfi's
implied questions:

>   Itaque /Jacobus/ obscuro loquo natus, in coquina Collegii

I think this means he was born of obscure  (literally, mention),
rather than in an obscure place.  That is, a nobody and/or a 

> prope horti nostri Transmuldani ostia

Something to do with the river Moldau: near our gardens on
the far shore of the Maldau, maybe?


> P. Georgius Ferus

Ferus means "wild" and is possibly a translation of George's
vernacular surname?

>Note the variant spelling "Tepencze" (rather than "Tepenecz").
>That is how Schmidl has it.  Could it be a typo?

I think the author takes Tepen[e]cz as a 3d declension noun,
whose ablative form would be Tepen[e]cze; the preposition "de"
takes the ablative.  "Jacob H. from Tepenecz".  This explains
the final 'e', but not the missing one after the 'n'.

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