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Some manuscript images from the Prague National Library


At the National Library in Prague (NKP) I bought a couple of booklets
on manuscript digitization, one of them with a CD-ROM attached. 
The disk contains ~150 sample images of NKP manuscripts, some of them quite
spectacular. At the above address you will find five of those images
(reduced 50% and converted to JPEG), which I thought had some relation
(sometimes quite tenuous) to the VMS.

Speaking of which: in the second booklet, I saw a page from another NKP
manuscript, in Arabic, with a round diagram representing the Holy
Ka'aba square in Mecca. Around the Ka'aba proper there is a sketchy
ring of columns and Moorish arches. I believe there is a similar
feature in one of the rosettes in the big fold-out, possibly the West

Unfortunately that Arabic manuscript is not on my CD-ROM. Perhaps Rene
has got it?

All the best,