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Re: Prague

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Daniel Harms wrote:

> 1)  Kelley was receiving channelings from angels.  
> Most scholars won't touch #1, for obvious reasons, and #2 may be 
> incompatible with our knowledge of Dee.  That usually leaves #3.

There's what might be called a variant of 1 (perhaps call it 1a) --
but try a different set of categories.

I.  The language and the scripts were deliberately concocted

    A.  As a cover for espionage, a vehicle for steganography, etc
    B.  By Kelly to fool Dee
    C.  By Kelly and Dee to get money from patrons
    D.  Etc

II. The language and records were not deliberately concocted but
    A.  Really were what they claim to be -- dictations from
    B.  Were products of some variety of unconscious mentation,
        like other trance productions, perhaps later subjected
        to systematizing (see the big 3-volume set of the raw
        materials that became Yeats' _Vision_ for a more recent

Richard Brzustowicz