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Re: "Tell Them They Lie"

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Dennis wrote:

> Dan Moonhawk Alford wrote:
> >  
> > > I saw this book in the Muskogee, Oklahoma, library, along with other
> > > Cherokee material.
> > 
> > I've read the book fairly closely, and beyond that, being part Cherokee
> > myself, they're relatives of mine. And beyond THAT, after 30 years with
> > Turtle Islanders 
> Who are the Turtle Islanders?  I've never heard of them before.

It's what the Natives call North America. Picture Florida as a back
flipper, Texas as the tail, Baja as another flipper; pointed north.

> > I can only say that I would take a book like this
> > seriously no matter what tribe it was from; indigenes don't sit down to
> > write books for the Invaders unless there's a really good reason.
> There is a reason.  Some oppressed ethnic groups go
> too far in trying to regain pride in their heritage. 
> Some Black Americans have written that the Pharaohs of
> Egypt were actually black.  I can't accept that.  They
> have the same reasons to write such things as did the
> authors of "Tell Them They Lie".  But they don't need
> to!!!  Sub-Saharan Blacks and Native Americans have
> plenty to be proud of without resorting to
> exaggeration!!!!!!  The Cherokee can be proud indeed to
> count a man like Sequoyah among their numbers.  

The other possible reason, of course, being that relatives want to set a
distorted outider's record straight with stories known to the family.

> > Has anyone ever found examples of Mormon "golden tablet" writing on the
> > web? I'd love to compare it to Cree.
> http://www.Restoration.org/
> there is a link to a replica of the Gold Plates:
> http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/4893/plates5b.jpg
> 	Robert tells me that the official LDS line is that the plates
> were in Hieratic Egyptian.  I have samples of both Hieratic and
> Demotic Egyptian in front of me.  The characters look closer to
> Hieratic than to Demotic, but they don't have the flowing character of
> either Hieratic or Demotic.  Or they may be nonsense symbols.  A much
> better Egyptologist than me would have to comment.

Hmmm -- a possible flaw in the Sequoyah relatives' story.

warm regards, moonhawk

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