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RE: VMs: RE: ...and f73v-?-?-f75r

	Ken>>>My question would be, then;  Why are there no other examples of
for binding single folios or foldouts anywhere else in the MS?  (True, I
haven't slogged through the entire MrSIDs yet.)  Is it mere coincidence
that the only single folios within the MS are now loose stubs?

	Single folios occur only if a bifolio is cut. Foldouts are normally
stitched in
with the first panel on the left and the remaining foldout after the gutter
on the right.

	Argh... f75 is attached to f84 which means there is no reason for the
second stub
that I can think of for the moment. What is it attached to? It can't just be
the stub, there
has to be a second half to each stub - just like f12's stub is attached to

	f73r opens the quire
	f73v should be attached to the second half of the single sheet of vellum -
	f74r which explains the first stub and shows it is likely attached to f73v

	Now, the second stub has to be attached to something... so where's the
other half sheet
of vellum that that stub is attached to? Rats, If only f75 wasn't part of
the f84 sheet - things
would be much simpler. Good persistence Ken!


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