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Re: VMs: f58v to f65r transition

Hi Ken,

At 13:19 30/06/2004 -0500, Ken W wrote:
I'm not sure which artifacts you are referring to.

Really, just gamma/brightness/contrast: if (like these two) you're comparing pages with different types of content (text vs herbal), you may get different kinds of scans being output. BTW, have you looked at these in the noip scans as well?

So far, through 68 folios (I'm dying for MrSIDs of the 68rs!), there have only been two which needed any correction (just a tweak in brightness). No gamma corrections needed so far. Most of what I've been doing is scale, rotation and alignment so that each folio is precisely registered.
Primarily I'm using the GC Binding Alignment Technique (c) to align the recto to the verso with the Pelling Stain Alignment Method (c) for double accuracy. ;-) The following verso is registered via a tedious Flickering Transparency/Pelling Stain hybrid.

Be careful - it's not yet 100% established that all the bleed-across instances register with the current binding. For example, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the f2v bleed-across (which seems to be from the original line drawing) registers with the original binding, and not with the rebinding which we (perhaps) see now. There's also mention of a possible later (Jesuit) rebinding - yet another spanner in the works to contend with. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: as for being "Stain Master"... well, I guess I have been called worse in anger... :-)

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