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Re: VMs: RE: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

--- GC <gc-@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm cautiously willing to go along with *some* of
> what Nick is postulating.
> Some of the coloring could only have been done by
> the original artist.
> You'll see the places I mean.  Delicate water
> detail, etc.  Other colors
> look like they were done later, but this may well
> have been due to the
> unavailability of the color at the time.  I'd agree
> some colors may have
> been applied at different times.  I don't know that
> I'm willing to make much
> more of it than that, especially not knowing what
> the difference of time was
> between drawing outline and color.

Although it isn't really good form to quote a post
of someone else, just to add 'I agree', I thought
I'd make an exception.
I fully aree with GC's assessment here. Even
if some colour may have been applied later,
we can't really make too much from that. It may
even have been someone else than the writer,
just a couple of days later (just to give one

Cheers, Rene

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