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VMs: Beinecke library response

Dear all,

I asked the library about the missing images of
four VMs pages, and about the publication of their
images at other web sites.

They were not aware of the missing images and
will look at it. The following was also part of the

  There is no danger of your overloading the server. 
  If there begin to be performance problems, please
  let us know, but we have had no complaints in 
  the 10 years we have been running this site and are 
  confident we can meet any demand.  There are many
  other images on this site that a wide range of 
  researchers use heavily and there has never been
  any response problems.

  We do not allow any user groups to mirror the
  Library's site.  Again we are confident that we can 
  manage this database.  So in answer to your request,
  I want to state clearly that we are not authorizing
  to download these images and provide access from 
  your own site.  You may point to the images 
  on our site but not create a separate site. 

So, I removed the link to Seth's very helpful site
my web site and suggest that others do the same.
To be in line with the above request, Seth would
have to remove his page, or replace the image links
such that they point directly to the Beinecke site.

I know that one could potentially challenge this on
the basis of some recent court case about digital
images, as quoted on this list, but it is clear that
will seriously upset the library and I doubt that
this would be in our interest. I also assume that
showing individual images or parts thereof is
completely in line with the fair use provision of
the copyright law. The library should be quoted
properly in such cases.

Best wishes,

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