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VMs: Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 23:05:57 -0600


Sorry to wake you,  :-) but late night prank calls are my specialty, and why
stop somebody from doing something they really enjoy - I mean really enjoy?

Your Currier "hands" listing demonstrates Currier's identifications, but
there are large gaps in the information.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but
didn't you do extensive work in this area, and if so, can you offer a brief
chart, similar to the Currier chart, that summarizes this effort?  There was
also some recent work that reflected the same information, but I was busy
with the sids and didn't have time to view.  Now I wish I'd been more

To state it clearly, we have had the information for some time to now
complete Currier's chart and add some detail.  Is this possible in a small
timeframe?  Can we use the labels we discussed last year that do not involve
the words "hand" or "language" to describe statistical groupings?  It's
grown beyond Currier, and as much as I think of him, some of the misleading
terminology should be refreshed.


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