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Re: VMs: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

>   > [stolfi:] The zodiac names, e.g. on f71r, f72r are written in a
>   > different ink and thicker pen than the surrounding text. So that
>   > practically closes an old open question.
>   >
>   > [Dennis:] Meaning that someone else wrote them, as we'd always
>   > thought?

Erm...  what about the same person at a later date with a different pen and 
If that "phi" character appears (probably) under the paint in a few instances 
there is a possibility that either the same author wrote everything, or the 
painter (if it was done after) wrote the phi in the flowers/leaves and the 
oladabas page. (OK, the phi could have been written after the pained parts, 
but as the blue paint almost covers it, there would have been no point in 
doing it, so I think that it was written first and painted over later).

I find the first option the easiest explanation (all the same author),  but I 
have no other clues for one or the other.
I also have no clues as whether the month names and the oladabas are written 
in the same hand.



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