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VMs: Re: VMs and Tycho Brahe

Hi all
While searching on T.B. and alchemical ciphers, I found this; wich looks strange to me; comments?
         Re: Tycho Brahe's calendar
         Sun, 06 Apr 1997 11:59:43 -0700
         Simon Cassidy

Lars Osterdahl wrote:

> Brahe was convinced that certain numbers were more accident
> generating than others. He wanted therefore to leave out the
> years ending in -13. Also the whole period we know as 1300-1399
> was left out (a good thing since that was the time when the Plague
> plagued Europe - which proves his point). The 14th century thus had
> only one year (1400)!
> He also wanted to skip the 13th of every month, but found that this
> would upset the year too much and therefore left it out only when it
> fell on a friday.
> He had never heard of blank days.

Simon responds:

  Hi Lars! What is your source for this Brahe info? I have seen some
17th. century magical calendars with Brahe's name attached (probably
for the kudos rather than because he had anything to do with it). These
are a complete mish-mash of incoherent gibberish and erroneous tables.
  I began to wonder whether these were jesuit inspired forgeries designed
to draw attention away from Brahe's actual work on the calendar for the
Emperor Rudolph. This work has mysteriously disappeared and I have only
gotten as far as confirming that relations between Brahe and the Vatican
were tense and that Clavius rebuffed repeated approaches by Bra! he and his
sons. Apparently the Grand Duke of Tuscany even feared for the life of
Tycho's eldest if he were to set foot in Rome! (See "The Observatory",
#878, February 1954, pages 20-23, "A hitherto unpublished letter from
Tycho..", by Wilhelm Norlind).
Dee's Y'rs, Simon Cassidy, 1053 47th.St. Emeryville Ca.94608. ph.510-547-0684.

Thats about all, folks.


jean-yves artero <jyartero@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Jeff
Is this instance that one:
1597 Feb. 22 In a letter to Rantzau Tycho agrees to the Gregorian calender. He proposes a cipher for exchanging alchemic knowledge.

on this site:
http://www.rundetaarn.dk/engelsk/observatorium/life.htm ?
Oh yes it s interesting to me too; my understanding is that Kepler possibly was not an alchemist, but that Brahe was.
Jeff jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



I have found one instance on the web of a cipher proposed by Brahe in 1597
for a cipher to exchange alchemical information. Does anyone have any other
information on this? And no I don't think Tycho Brahe wrote the VMS, that
would just be silly. I am interested in the origins of his idea. So if
anyone can help please let me know.


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