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Re: VMs: Tycho Brahe cipher

Yes that's the one! Does anyone know if it was taken any further than just an idea? Is there any information available as to the type of cipher?
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Hi Jeff
Is this instance that one:
1597 Feb. 22 In a letter to Rantzau Tycho agrees to the Gregorian calender. He proposes a cipher for exchanging alchemic knowledge.

on this site:
Oh yes it s interesting to me too; my understanding is that Kepler possibly was not an alchemist, but that Brahe was.



I have found one instance on the web of a cipher proposed by Brahe in 1597
for a cipher to exchange alchemical information. Does anyone have any other
information on this? And no I don't think Tycho Brahe wrote the VMS, that
would just be silly. I am interested in the origins of his idea. So if
anyone can help please let me know.


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