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Re: VMs: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Bruce writes:

  > March:  VM = marc,  Catalan = marc (with a cedilla)
  > April:  VM = Catalan = abril
  > May: VM = maig (possibly), Catalan = maig
  > October: VM = octebre (with a macron on the e), Catalan = octubre
  > November: VM = novebre (with macron on the e), Catalan = novembre

The "Marc" is indeed encouraging.  However note that, for most languages,
the spelling and pronunciatin of month names have changed a lot in the
last 500 years. 

The macron of the "e" in "octebre" should be a tilde, meaning it is to
be read as "octembre". IIRC, this was indeed the month's name in Old
French or Provençal.

BTW, the "c" of "Marc" on the Piscis page has a strange "outline"
appearance, similar to that of the bottom red glyph of f1r. Perhaps
that is the result of pressing the pen too hard, so that the stroke
split in two (and then rejoined at the end, as the pressure was

The Voynichese "abril" or "abiril" has a funny "v" mark above the
first "i" (or between the "b" and the "r"). This occurs on both Aries
pages. It may be a scribal abbreviation, like the tilde for "n/m" in
"octembre". Can anyone identify it? (I recall seeing a similar mark
all over in a Quran text, but it may have been upside down...)

The Voynichese month "may" (perhaps "mag", but not "maig") has a
circumflex over the "y" -- but only on the first Taurus page, not on
the second one.  (Could that be actually "maij"?)

Phew, ...

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