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VMs: Re: and the michiton text

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Sent: 04 July 2004 17:48
Subject: VMs: and the michiton text

Hi again,
Here is the result, according to me, (;-)) of a Yahoo search about "multas portas":
1/ The only direct association of the two words for the first 100 quotations is (not surprisingly?) Voynichese; you know it...
2/ All other ones are Latin but are not direct, such as:
na greckie kalendy (których Grecy nie mieli) Na œwiêty Nigdy - Seutonius. ad multos annos ... i ksi¹¿ki maj¹ swój los. hannibal ad portas - Hannibal u bram Rzymu ...
and these sententiae, "sentences" or "proverbs" seem to be not that rare in Latin, since I found them several times in the above.
Otherwise I too found this:
>>>> This is an occurance count for latin word pairs. Probably to compare against pairs of VMS words.
>>>> Jeff