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Re: Re: VMs: Colored paints, touch-ups, and the michiton text

Even looking at the copyflo, the last letter looks more like an e than a z 
to me. The ce appear to be joined as we would write it in script.

Voynich continues on p.422 with the following:

   "Bohemian biographical dictionaries yielded the information that Jacobus 
de Tepenecz was a Bohemian scientist, ennobled by Emperor Rudolph in 1608. 
He had the right only from that time to sign himself as "de Tepenecz." 
Earlier he was known as Horcicky, or, in the Latinized form, Sinapius.1 At 
one time he was director of the alchemical laboratory of the Emperor, and 
from 1601 he was director of the Imperial Botanical Garden."

("1 The director of the Bohemian State Archives has very kindly supplied me 
with a copy of Emperor Rudolph's patent of nobility to Horcicky.")

Dana Scott

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> HeHello Dana,
> >   "When I brought this manuscript to America the margins of the first 
> > page
> >had the appearance of being blank,
> They may have  looked blank, but were they discolored as we see them 
> today? New scan  clearly
> shows  darker area, caused by some liquid,  across the bottom, almost full 
> width. If that discoloration
> existed already before Voynich got the VM, he  didn't say. It may have 
> not, but then it must have been
> caused by  handling while it was in his possession. But if the spot was 
> already there, it must have
> brought his attention  to it.
>  >but an accident to a photostaticreproduction of this page revealed the 
> fact that an underexposure of
> the
> >plate brings out a faded autograph in the lower margin.
> First: what is meant by "accident"? Accidental spill, coincidence or just 
> "wrong" procedure? If the
> photostat was the blueprint method, that is done in ammonia vapor, the 
> light has high ultraviolet
> content a the lamp being powered by high voltage, one can sometimes even 
> smell ozone.  But blueprint
> requires transparent original - it would be informative to know which 
> photostat method was used  by
> Voynich.  Beinecke library should know.
>  >Chemicals were, but
> >applied to the margins and the autograph, Jacobus de Tepenecz, became
> >visible, with some illegible figures below it." (Plate 2.--Voynich., 
> >p.421)
> >
> >Notice that there is no indication that chemicals were applied to the
> >original manuscript.
> True, but with copy you do not get anything "underneath", you just 
> dissolve the single layer created by
> the copying process, while in original you can have different chemical 
> reactions with the remains of the
> ink and you may even fill or disclose some grooves caused by pen 
> application.   The copy has no ink
> and no grooves - or even traces of some solvent which may have been 
> applied even 400 years ago
> (Marci did not see any autograph, he would certainly mention that  in his 
> letter to Kircher).
> >The photograph of Plate 2 showing the referenced
> >autograph is on the dark side.
> Here we have a discrepancy: somewhere else Voynich claims it was "Jacobi 
> de Tepenec(z?)" -  he
> probably made it more accurate later. But the name was in reality never 
> written as "Tepenecz", but
> correctly, "Tepenec", as our  research of the new scan clearly shows at :
> http://penigma.netfirms.com/VM/a22.htm
> Our historical investigation revealed the place was never pronounced as 
> "Tepenecz" neither, always as
> "Tepenec" , the last "c" being pronounced like "ts"  or "tz".
> We could not make the fist two words however (the pictures are shown on 
> the same page), but there
> was no other person bearing  that title which was created especially for 
> Horczicky ( it is a name of the
> small  castle in Moravia,  that was  in ruins already in the time of 
> Horczicky).
>    > The signature is visible; however, the
> "illegible figures below it" remain somewhat illegible, primarily evident
> >directly under "Tepenecz", though there may be more.
> We could not see or read them either.
> Regards,
> Jan
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